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Under the direction of Shihan Greg Lazarus, the NE Kenshin Kan Karate Dojo (school) was opened in Dover, New Hampshire in 1980, providing training for both adults and children. In July 2008, we moved to our current location in the Salmon Falls Mills in Rollinsford, New Hampshire.

Shihan Lazarus' training for all his students is a unique traditional style of Okinawan karate called Shorinryu Matsumura Seito. Its roots trace back to the 17th century and it was developed for the purpose of defeating the Japanese Samurai. With shin height to solar plexus height kicks, upright stances and natural body movements, the system allows individuals of all ages and abilities to participate. The classes are taught in a formal class setting and the dojo is directly affiliated with the hombu dojo (main school) in Okinawa.

Because of this strong affiliation, the dojo is honored each year with a visit by Grandmaster Fusei Kise, 10th Degree Black Belt and successor to Grandmaster Hohan Soken as head of the Shorinryu Matsumura Orthodox system. Master Kise has traveled to the dojo from Okinawa every year since 1984. During his visit Master Kise conducts rigorous, traditional training for all ranks, both adults and children. The highlight of his visit is the testing of those students going for black belt ranks.

Shihan's expectations for the students throughout the year are simple: attend class regularly, train to your utmost ability, exercise the traditional protocols and practice. There is no tolerance for ego, ill temperament or bragging of one's ability or strengths. Instead, a "karate family" atmosphere is always maintained.

Because we are a family, we treat each other with respect and concern; we are not here just for our own training. We also have fun together at events such as rock climbing, summer picnics and an annual Christmas party.

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